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  1. When? When? When?

    Well at least it WORKS, unlike MobNav - but stick with MobNav and maybe in a few months it will actually work *scr* and not just look good....
  2. When? When? When?

    FMA is currently the best Tool for any T610 Owner. It has been updated to RC2 ( yesterday) and everything works fine with a SE T610 now. It is by far the most complete tool on the "market" - plus it does not cost a single penny! So if you decide not to install it, you are missing out on a great tool. MobNav looked promising, but it is taking to damn long for T610 support. FMA gets updated almost everyday and the author really listens to the wishes of the users. It is even getting Proximity Support ( depending if you are in front of your pc or away the PC does things like turn on the screensaver, turn down/mute the volume, etc. ) http://sourceforge.net/projects/fma/ Maybe one day MobNav will live up to the nice screenshots - but currently it sucks in support of the T610. EDIT: I forgot to mention. FMA is also the only tool at the moment which lets Users with Cable/IrDA download pictures/tones/themes FROM the phone TO THE PC, instead of just sending files FROM the PC to the Phone.
  3. Does not start?

    Nope, nothing. Just double clicked on the Icon on my Desktop ( WinXP Pro with Sp1 ) and the small blue loading screen comes up, then it just disappears and nothing happens. A few other guys also reporting this ( in a german Sony Ericsson T610 Forum ).
  4. Does not start?

    1. Downloaded 3.01b 2. Installed 3. Launched 4. Loading Screen comes for approx. 2.5 Seconds 5. NOTHING - no ERROR - no program 6. huh?
  5. When? When? When?

    Right here ( and its freeware ): http://sourceforge.net/projects/fma/
  6. When? When? When?

    Too bad the release is taking so long. I went ahead and got myself the new Version of Mobile Agent, since it is the only application which works fine with the T610 and SMS Support / Telephone Editing etc. Eventhough your program looks promising - it is just taking too long and it does not seem to have true T610 Support but only the T68i plugin so that one can only use a few features.
  7. PhoneBook

    Okay, since the 3.x Version is not out yet I thought I give 2.01 another try... I chose the T68i Plugin and got a connection to my T610. I then went into the menu PHONEBOOK, I did a refresh. my T610 lit up and started synchronizing. Then MV2.01 seems to sync but nothing actually happens ( the flying folder thingy disappears and the phone keeps on saying synchronizing ). I never actually get anything into the phonebook list within MV 2.01. What am I doing wrong???
  8. Native T610 Support

    I know that with the T68i Plugin works in parts - but native support is always better :) Forget the other phones and just add T610 support :ph34r: ;) ;)
  9. Native T610 Support

    First of all let me congratulate you on this very nice program. Currently there are no perfect Programs that support the Sony Ericsson T610 natively. I hope that Mobile Navigator will be the first in Line to fully support the features of the T610. Can you by any chance give an estimate on WHEN the support for this Phone will come? Best regards, kreatiV