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Copy - Append to files & Co: keep/forget setting

Should the Copy dialog settings be preserved or reset?  

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  1. 1. Should the Copy dialog settings be preserved or reset?

    • Preserve settings - if you "Append to all existing files" once, it will stay like that for subsequent Copy/Move operations
    • Reset settings to "Ask for overwrite" - a safe choice

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dandv    0

Suppose you need to append a bunch of files into one big file. You select the files, press F5, enter the destination file name, choose the "Append to all existing files" option and press OK.


After some time, you just need to copy a file over another file. But surprise, you get no overwrite prompt! What happened is that NDN silently appended to the target file and now you have to cut out the start of the (possibly binary) file in order to recover your source file. If there are no file markers and you don't remember the size, you're gonna have a difficult job.


This behavior is inherited from DNOPS, and I'd like to post this poll and ask for your opinion:

Should NDN always start with the safe "Ask for overwrite" option or remember the previous option, like "Append to all existing files" ?

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