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Guest Arioch

Wish: offline access to forum

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Guest Arioch   
Guest Arioch

I wish to use forum offline, online to me is far too expensive.


Alas talk.ru service does not provide English UI, but there is one similar: www.gmane.org


One needs to establish some maillist (for example there are Yahoo Groups for Opera or Delphi J.E.D.I., for example there is it's own maillist server at www.fidolook.org, for example (!) there are maillists on SourceForge pages, like http://sf.net/projects/dspatial)


This maillist can be given to gmane.org and after that every one will have simple NNTP and WWW access to that maillist, so we get forum accessible via WWW and NNTP ans E-MAIL.


Since You have SF's page (http://sf.net/projects/ndn) - You have the maillist and can make this forum for dialup users, who just cannot use online www services.


Thank you.

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