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  1. DOS ftp

    good day, im trying to get FTP to work on my old computer in order to transfer files between my NAS (which runs an FTP server) and my old computer. Some info: NDN 3.00.0005 OS: DOS 6.22 NT CARD: SMC 8416 i can connect to both external AND local ftp addresses using the ftp client from mtcp (http://www.brutman.com/mTCP/) pinging external sites works (by hostname eg: google.com) pinging LAN clients works (by internal ip eg: requesting DHCP lease works (using the mtcp dhcp client) The problem: as i try to connect with NDN to local ftp (using ip address) it gives me: socket error 10051 "SocketsInit(): IP stack init failed!" as i try to connect with ndn to external ftp (using hostname) it gives me: socket error 11001 "GetHostByName(): Failed!" after that, the program gives me an access violation and quits. tried older versions of NDN and same problem persists and results in a direct system boot. i have included 2 .err files that where generated by NDN could someone shed some light on what is going wrong here? thanks, jimi NDN (local ftp).ERR NDN (remote ftp).ERR