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Guest Aussie Blue Boy

Transferring .AMR files etc.

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Guest Aussie Blue Boy   
Guest Aussie Blue Boy

Hi, love the product - it def offers advantages over Sony Ericsson s/w!

I am a T68i user and I'd like to get as much PC synchronising and backup between my phone and your product as possible.


Qu 1: Will ver 3 let us receive sound files ( .amr ) format from T68i; if not can u add this as a serious request for future?


Qu 2: Can you provide a way to play these files ( .amr ) once they are on my PC? I have tried three so-called AMR converters and haven't found one that actually does anything yet :angry:

If you guys could it make us mobile workers ecstatic eg. we could record voice notes during the day, then download them to safety on PC later for more convenient/flexible reviewing.


Qu 3: Can you provide backup of data settings eg. Email, Wap, GPRS, MMS

WAP bookmarks etc.?


Qu 4: Download of MMS messages?


Qu 5: New idea; Mobile Navigator to control Alarm settings on phone.

Unfortunately T68i only has one recurrent timer setting and one

single alarm setting.

If MobNav could enable multiple settings (time of day, day, date etc.)

....this would be fantastic! :rolleyes:

Qu 6: Similarly to qu.5 could MobNav act like Microsofts Task Manager and run prerecorded Macros to enable certain functions on phone at certain times (assuming BlueTooth type control here) eg. change profile, check email, send SMS, initiate phone call?) :rolleyes:


Qu 7: MOST IMPORTANT- I use a BlueTooth headset and I have tried to use the Phone Dialer function in Outlook to establish a call.

Unfortunately, the BlueTooth connection stays with the PC after the call is made which locks out my headset. :(

Can you enable dialling from YOUR phonebook via BlueTooth control of phone, where MobNav releases the connection (without hanging up the call) so that the BlueTooth headset can take over?


Qu 8: Finally (and thank you for patience) can you enable download of picture files ie. in batch format like your other functions?

It is a real drag having to select and send each picture one at a time from phone to PC! <_<


Oh, I just remembered, T68i has voice commands too, backup / download these too? (They have up to 40 associated with Phone Contacts)


I know this is a lot to look at, but it should reveal that I am a serious phone user and what to get the most efficiency and functionality from my tools.


Not knowing the insides of these things like you guys do I've probably asked for ways of communicating with the phone that the phone probably doesn't support.

However, if I don't ask it won't happen ever huh?


Hope you can see the merit in some (if not all) of these ideas.


Best regards and keep up the good work.


P.S. Do I get free upgrade from ver 2.01 to ver 3 ?


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Guest TechSupport   
Guest TechSupport

Thank you for the suggestions- we will take them in accout as we found them interesting. ;) So as for development - we'll do our best to implement s much as possible.

So thank you once more!

....we are gone in thinking. <_<

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