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!: in NDN.EXT returns garbage

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dandv    0

aaa [ >1 dump
         echo "!:!\!.!"

aaa (echo "!:!\!.!")
aaa {echo "!:!\!.!"}


Run these on a .aaa file... My NDN 2.15.8488 returns random strings for !: if the current drive in the panel is C: (an 80Gb NTFS partition). On D: or other partitions, it works OK. This bug is not new, it's in 2.15.7883 too.




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dandv    0
ok, fixed!

Was there some weird problem with drive C:?


For example, I have a folder called

C:\Virtual Machines\Win2000ProSP4 - Chinese Traditional

and in that folder I have 8 files. No matter which file the active cursor is on (1-7), when I press Ctrl+R, the cursor goes to the 8th file, instead of staying over the current file. Same happens when I delete a file from that folder. In the parent of that folder, if I rename "Win2000ProSP4 - Chinese Traditional" to "Win2000ProSP4 - Chinese Traditional [barebones]", have the cursor over it and press Ctrl+R, the cursor jumps on some other file in C:\Virtual Machines.

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Hey Dan!



the !: code was not 100% working:

the WINAPI function GetShortPathName does return garbage on certain files and this was

not handled

strange that it was on C:, probably has to do with the SFN versions of the filenames

(maybe not existing on the boot drive or something)




i cannot reproduce, maybe this is WXP speicific?

im running 2k at home

maybe you can provide me a little atchive with a collection of dirs/files that shows that behaviour

(i think the file sizes can all be 0 as this seems a name comparing behaviour)


of course, this may be fixed with the first fix too


thank you

Stefan / AH

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