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new beta: 2.15.8488

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hi everyone!


a not so small release today



[*] russian resources update (GPFault)

[+] added *.LUA highlight data {Z}

[*] added asf,asx,wmv,wma formats to video highlight groups (Necromancer)

-> groupsfm

[+] added Oracle SQL to extension file



[-] fixed several problems with hexline drawing [A]

* when marking text not from pos 0 offset was not corrected (GPFault)

* long hexinputlines showed byte view at the end of the line (GPFault)

* right cutting indicator was drawn based on a wrong string size

-> dialogs.THexLine.Draw



[-] displaying more than just a filename, one file entry longer than panel

size and then moving view to see data at the end, couldn't use the mouse

to move the name column dividers (GPFault) [DNOC]

-> flpanelx.CommandHandle.evMouseDown didn't use DeltaX

[-] entering directories with mouse double click and data on cmdline executed

the commandline (GPFault) [A]

-> flpanelx.CommandHandle.evMouseDown ignores cmdline

[-] filename display was wrong if an extension was much longer than the name

(Necromancer, "BBC. test testtest") [NC]

-> filescol.NewFileRec.Align, addspace received negative value

[*] LNX empty 'cd' command goes to $home (~) (GPFault)

-> vfs_driv.TDrive.HandleCmdLine

[-] LNX X: CTRL-O crashed divby0 (usermenu#156) (GPFault) [A]

-> dnutil.TDnApplication.HandleCommand cmShowOutput does not work in X,

therefore whole screen will be shown (like ESC)

[-] highlight group dialog move button closed the dialog [A]

-> cmNewItemPos = cmYes, rearranged groupdlg.TGroupDialog.HandleEvent

[*] Highlight Groups.File Group List "Color" inputline now also shows the

default file panel background (Necromancer)

[+] double click in window list of window manager now selects window

(Vladimir Bochkarev)

-> added winman.TWindowList.HandleEvent



[-] FTP ROOT: deleting entries didn't update panel and last entry crashed

(GPFault) [A]

-> flpanelx.TFilePanelRoot.RereadDir didn't check for nil file records

[+] FTP: added PUT and GET commands (cursor must be in FTP panel)

-> vfs_ftp.TFTPConnected.HandleCmdLine

[+] FTP: recursive copying and erasing (not move!), calculate dir length,

single erase, file operations (added vfs_driv.TDrive.RenameF) and

fast rename (fltools.CM_RenameSingle), create file on server

(microed2.OpenEditor and vfs_ftp.TFTPConnected.UseFile)

[-] FTP: Getting directory listing of a directory containing spaces led

to unpredictable results on unix FTP servers

-> vfs_ftp.TFTPConnected.GetFilesCol replaces ' ' with '\ ' [A]

[*] FTP: if a file download wasn't allowed by the server the target file

won't be created on the local disk

[-] FTP: long dir listings (sent in many buffers) were parsed incorrectly

if the last line in the buffer was not finished with an EOL, hence one

split string (spread over 2 buffers) was either not parsed correctly or

at all [A]

-> fileio.TMemReader.GetData now signals if last string didn't end with

an EOL, used in vfs_ftp.TFTPConnected.GetFilesCol

[*] FTP: improved all commandline commands: only reread the panels if the

sent command was successful

-> vfs_ftp.TFTPConnected.HandleCmdLine



[-] subdir counter was not reset on dir change (Vladimir Bochkarev) [A]

-> vfs_driv.TDrive.GetDirectory didn't zero TotalDirs



[-] AIN detection was bad (only checked extension) (Vladimir Bochkarev) [NC]

-> archdet.AINDetect



[-] '%' in file names for external viewers/editors were doubled (Dandv) [A]

-> dnexec: moved the %-replace-code

[*] cmdline interpreted %1-%6 and %11-%16, file names with % needed %%

to work correctly

-> dnexec._MakeCMDParams was removed, cmdline is used as is

[-] LNX: when starting NDN on a system booted from a LIVE CD

(tested with Knoppix 4.0) it was not possible to execute any commands

-> these LIVE-CDs don't have a valid SHELL environment variable set

(try the env command);

dnexec._ExecString.CheckWhatParams uses /bin/sh if SHELL doesn't work



[*] panel is not reread when saving temporary files

-> microed2.EditorSaveFile/fviewer.WriteModify check IsTemporaryFile



[*] mark word operation moves cursor to end of the marked word {Z}

-> micro_3.EdMarkWord

[*] Continue to mark the opened block if at the end of it {Z}

-> micro_1.EdScrollBarChanged

[*] block operations (comment/uncomment/move) now center the y-view only if

the starting line of the block is the first line on screen or not visible


-> micro_1.EdHandleBlockCmd

[-] mark paragraph didn't mark the last line in file [A]

-> micro_3.EdFindParagraph

[-] 2 bugs with 'Exec current file': [A]

a) single ext command sequences were written to the cmdline

b) after about 3 such executions NDN crashed

-> dnexec._ExecFile now ignores cmdline: added (e|c)mExecFileIgnCmdl




have fun

Stefan / AH

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