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Philosophical question on bugs

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dandv    0

Looks like I have a special ability to find bugs in NDN.

Fortunately, AngelHolocaust has an even higher ability to fix them! :-)


Doesn't this seem strange to you?


I mean, how many bugs can a person find? Eventually, those bugs get fixed, the software gets better and better, so there should be fewer bugs to be found. But I still find bugs in every new beta.


I was about to mention an analogy with gold miners: maybe you are lucky and find gold somewhere, and find some gold nearby, but how much gold can you find? And there are other gold diggers, too.


I think the difference is in how finite "gold" and software are, more than in the rate of exhaustion. That means, you can be a good gold digger, but eventually there will be no gold to dig. While for software, if you are a good bug finder, will you be able to find bugs forever?


What do you think?

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Hi Dan!


I think "complex" software is never bugfree (this includes glitches, inconsistensies,

bad implementations of certain operations or features, etc...).

And, from this point of view, people (like you) will always find bugs.




Look at my todo-list-problem:

the more i work on reducing it's size by adding new features or removing (even the strangest)

bugs the longer the list grows, either because i create new bugs or i (you) have new ideas

or find a new (old/related?!) bug.


i hope i can have a small list by the end of the year

but i remember hoping that too 2 years ago :)


Stefan / AH

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Basil/2    0

So the best way is to see whatsnew list - to reveal how many things and features are done!

Edited by Basil/2

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