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New Release: V3.00.0006

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Garl    0

2021-07-21 (v3.00.0006)
  fix: better dos version detection
  fix: now in 32-bit ndn version build assembler generates valid code
  fix: now, double-clicking the mouse does not process the event multiple times.
  new: CrossWordMania unit released, dictionaries can be downloaded from www.ndn.muxe.com/download/file/dicts.7z
  fix: bug, in replace string, in editor sometimes causes crash
  fix: linux: tmpfs and nfs volumes always show in drive selection menu
  fix: in "hgroups.ini" length of mask may be greather than 255 bytes (up to 32767 bytes)
  fix: now dos version support [5] hotkey on numeric keyboard
  new: in advanced file search added option "Search only in the first n-bytes..." and "Find duplicate files..."
  new: added "Filters" sub-menu in "Panel" menu and fast filter switch
  fix: added new cpuid instruction flags
  new: new FilePanel K - show file creation date & time
  new: new FilePanel J - show file last access date & time
  new: new FilePanel W - show file real/allocated size
  new: added sort files by allocated size
  new: file properties in file menu (Ctrl-; hotkey)
  fix: fixed bug with pointers in natural sort
  fix: now valid file attributes are visible in archives ZIP & RAR
  fix: dos keyboard driver, pressed Ctrl-= returns correct keycode
  new: added auto hide command line option
  fix: some games in Linux64 version now work fine (runs slower)
  new: Beast game added
  new: new buttons (Prev/Next) in cpu information dialog for better "navigation"
  fix: TicsPerDay constant now is correct in dos version
  fix: now compressed and not compressed help files are accepted (last /D param for TVHC - disables compression)
  new: added 3 language buttons in Options->Configuration->CountrySupport to change uppercase table
  new: Wipe selected files in panel (Alt-Shift-Del hotkey)
  new: linux: Ctrl-F option to QuickSearch in FilePanel
  fix: windows server 2022 detection
  new: windows: detect freespace by current directory instead current drive
  new: windows portable devices
  new: windows: new columns FilePanel B/Z - show free space/disk size
  fix: better DOSBox emulator detection
  fix: crash with Win98 when dos is in HMA (NDN tried read not mapped memory above 1MB)
  fix: crash with Win98 when BIOS fonts was located in HMA

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Guest Pavel Russia   
Guest Pavel Russia

Спасибо! Низкий поклон за продолжение работы такой шикарной вещи! 

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