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New Release: V3.00.0004

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Garl    0

  fix: keyboard driver in dos version changed to be more friendly
  fix: now insert key on numeric keyboard works when numlock in on
  fix: archive: CAB (.BOX) SFX detection
  fix: archive: detection VHD image file with MBR
  fix: uuencode/uudecode code was extended
  new: now we can coufigure tag for file attributes in file panel
  new: option to disable execution of all files by Enter, which not executable and not listed in NDN.EXT (DOS32/64)
  fix: after enter to archive in panel sometimes some memory was tried to free twice and NDN crashes
  fix: filepanel column 'T' size fix with 12hr time format
  new: viewer: hotkey for highlite column and line Ctrl "-" and Ctrl "="
  fix: viewer: reset current codepage while change ViewMode
  fix: viewer: correct mark changes and cursor in dump\hex\text mode with unicode
  new: Hotkey to enable\disable QDR\EQDR\VFS in change drive menu Ctrl "-", Ctrl "=",Ctrl "\"
  new: viewer: options "Autodetect Codepage"
  new: archive: support Compound Binary File view via 7z
  new: archive: support EXEcutable file resourse viewer (like archive) via 7z
  new: archive: VHD: detect HFS container and EFI partitions
  new: archive: options to view executable via F3 or Enter
  fix: Ctrl-PgDn work again (enter to folders and archive)
  fix: fix change DateTime at files with RO attributes
  new: VHD: dmg image detection (Apple Disk Image)
  new: Keyboard speed setup (DOS32/64)
  new: SpinView past ClockView
  new: support YBS archiver (c) Vadim Yoockin
  fix: AI archiver filename detection fix
  new: new FilePanel H,V - view first bytes of file
  new: key AltLeft/AltRight/AltUp/AltDn selects nearest next View in Group
  fix: command line in DOS version validity check
  new: support SBC Archiver (c) Sami
  new: support IMP (c) Technelysium Pty Ltd.
  new: support BSN archiver
  fix: use internal parser for .Q archives
  new: optional View 1st line of file in FileDialog
  new: Ctrl-Space in Help fast switches to another language
  new: Change Cursor Size Setup for Dos version
  new: "Test Explode" button in InterfaceSetup
  new: "Hide"/"Show"/"Icon" buttons in WindowsManager
  fix: lzma archive detect
  fix: Ctrl-Enter in filepanel with QuickSearch mode work again
  new: Additional screen saver "2nd Sky"
  fix: now "Test" button works in ScreenSaverSetup also when Time=0
  fix: fixed bug in frame draw procedure which occurs when extended explode is enabled
  new: extended global palette

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