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New Release: V3.00.0001

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Garl    0

Hi everyone,


  new: Highlite file dialog change
  new: Change InfoPanel memory info style
  fix: InfoPanel size change
  fix: linux: l64 fix link show in FilePanel
  new: Alt-F6 on symlink\junction show link source in rename dialog
  new: windows: [ALT-CTRL-SHIFT-INSERT] = copy link\junction path to clipboard
  fix: support archive with space in filename and spaces in unpacker path
  new: archive .CPIO and SquashFS(VHD) detecrion via 7-zip (path like .\usr\lib\)
  fix: better Windows 10\Server 2016\2019 version detection
  new: linux: add hotkey to quick change fileattributes in file attributes dialog [Ctl-A]
  fix: calc: store to history valuea befor and after calculate
  add: new cpu instructions in build decoder & assembler
  fix: [Ctrl-Shift-Left] and [Ctrl-Shift-Rigth] in file panel work again (resize Name columnin in current panel)
  fix: linux: now work [Alt-Shift-Left] and [Alt-Shift-Right]
  add: some options in Panel otions dialog
  new: linux: NDN can change volume label on mounted volume fat12\16\32 and btrfs
  new: linux: new option to hide pseudofilesystem from driveline and Drive menu Options->Configuration->Interface->Driveinfo
  fix: driveline color(with disabled option show DriveType) thx WAJIM
  fix: AMD/VIA cpu cache detection
  fix: FilePanel Qiucksearch activated only by single Hotkey
  fix: linux: l64 fixed FTP connection
  new: linux: XFS volume label detection
  new: linux: [Alt-E] - change File Flags [Ctrl-A] - cahnge file Attributes
  new: linux: new FilePanel column 'Y' - Linux File Flags
  fix: linux: show filesystem of current folder (Ctrl-L)
  new: linux: new option "File Flags on separator" at Panel options (Alt-S)
  fix: some Dialog element fixes
  fix: linux: erase progress bar fix


link to download 




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