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Changelog and WHATSNEW

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  Windows Caption Overal progress
  Add % to skip files info (copy progress bar)
  Detect x32 and x64 process
  Tray icon ballon it user is not admin
  Network Update
  Description's in Network panel
  Use System and Hide file attributes in network's share
  Balloon in about window ;)
  Show IP addres in panel instead of DateTime
  Quicksearch in network file panel use '\' like *
  Fix: Networks count in border
  Show IP addres and HostName in infoPanel window (Ctrl-L)
  Support russian names in process path
  Now descriptions (ctrl-k) in Process panel - is FullPath to process
  Confirm before kill process
  Check print$ share
  W32: GlobalMemoryStatus() to info panel
  Win:x64 show Free mem% in clock until shift is press
  Infopanel: Do not show x32 memory size in 64bit
  Ask password before change password's protected shared dir
  Return to netrork from other VFS
  Do not check IP address in \\tsclient
  F7 = History in Output window (like in cmd.exe)

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Garl    0

2019-06-20 (v2.31.5473)
  new: Online update of NDN
  fix: Select dialog menu position.x
  new: Show windows volume name if disk label is empty (TDriveInfo.GetWinVolumeLabel)
  new: InfoPanel Show windows volume name if disk label is empty
  new: Arc:VHD: via 7z support (Fat\Fat32\Ntfs)
  new: CheckedComboBox and Tabs dialog element
  Highlight groups dialog resize
  new: configure for Select disk dialog
  new HotKey Ctrl-1..7 in select disk dialog

2019-06-03 (v2.31.5472)
  fix: use full file attribute in compare dirs dialog
  new: Now NDN W32 versions can copy files larger than 2GB
  new: now NDN ask password if cd to network share with password protect
  add: changed attributes for network panel
  new: options -> network : Windows input login\password dialog

2019-05-28 (v2.31.5471b2)
  file attributes: use drive VolumeSysFlags to access to dwfileAttributes
  new: Panel Options setup now use full FileAttributes
  new: Column 'C' and 'R' now can used in Drive\Find\Temp panel
  new: Attributes filter now show in bottom drivline like filename filter
  add: InfoPanel (Ctrl-L) show VolumeSysFlags: of drive or network share
  fix: W32 FileDialog not all only Directories show in dialog
  fix: dirsize first cahracter color in filemap at dark color pallete
  new: search can use dwfileAttributes in advanced options
  add: counters to process "Calc directory length"
  fix: disable default enabled option '[x] Find LFN only' in Find dialog

2019-05-13 (v2.31.5471b)
  new: BigCalculator add new operations
  new: Build w32 with FreePascal

2019-05-06 (v2.31.5470b)
  new: changed file attributes letter + support changes extended attributes
  copy dialog: Full file attributes support
  fix: w32: RAR archive detection
  new: Extensions file size dialog: add colored files map for folder
  fix crash in netdrive.GetResourceOfDrive
  support file attributes: NPU NORMAL,PINNED,UNPINNED

2019-04-15 (v2.31.5470)
  new: Extensions file size dialog (Ctrl-S in file panel)
  new: 64-bit dos extender + new FPC compilers versions
  fixed: Resolution size > 255
  fixed: BracketPair inside of block

2019-03-21 (v2.31.5469)
  Add to NDN in block editor's menu option "delete starting spaces & tabs".
  Modified help navigator.
  Resized FileDialog window
  Fixed bug, the same memory was mapped twice.
  Added capstone disassembler.
  Modified calculators.
  Shift-Up\Dn in history work again
  Editor: new command: delete starting spaces & tabs
  Editor: (BracketPair) Alt-Left\Right changed to Alt-Home\End

2019-02-18 (v2.31.5468)
  Dialog to Shutdown Computer
  Fix border in drag mode with enabled driveline
  Add ballon after long delete\copy
  Use environment variables in QuickDir* (ndn.ini)   (QuickDir2=%USERPROFILE%)
  Add Balloon to BeepAftercopy
  fix: codepage in ballon text
  Use arrtibute string width in show fmiCurrent
  Driveline Frame color while dragging
  Confirm while sutdown
  Default column 'X' size fix
  Attribute flag 'N' -> 'I' like in Windows

2018-12-21 (v2.31.5467)
  fix: Symlink now work on WinXP (comment GetFinalPathNameByHandle)
  new: Shift-Enter on directory = goto symlink path
  new: Show '<SYMLINK>' and '<JUNCTION>' in 'S' Column
  new Arc VMDK: Image support via 7-zip
  new: USB Safe remove
  Sort X column like filepanel
  Use X column with attributes in FTP panel
  Symlink: show Fullname + source path in LFN name
  Full attributes in drive panel + find panel
  'N' + 'S' column support
  Ctrl-A attrib dialog of file attributes
  Attributes on separator: (Rigfh click - change attributes \ Left click - show full attrib)

2018-12-04 (v2.31.5466)
  Source code refactoring (remove not used unit)
  Add File hashes calculate
  network: logon error processing
  network: show logon error message
  new: support command cd \\server
  New column "F" - ip address
  New column "G" - mac address
  Fix quicksearch position in panel
  Now Ctrl-F work in network panel
  Network drive show root path name in panel's free space line
  Detect Device type by local Ieee mac address base
  F5 = ping in network panel
  Help file update

2018-11-11 (v2.31.5465)
  Extended file attributes in panel and in dialog (Ctrl-A)
  New game 2048
  Translate some dialogs and messages
  Tray icon config dialog
  New panel options setup
  New arc:BZIP2 + VDI + Q
  Better BIX archive detect
  F11 - change user (work on service and network browser)
  Use file SFN in network
  Network status line (fmiShowSzDtTm)
  Access into password protected share after ACCESS DENI
  Show full servise status on info panel

2018-11-03 (v2.31.5464)
  New panel setup (dlgPanelSetupX)
  Rewrite processlist (VFS_PROC.PAS)
  Reformating Info panel  (1line SFN  / 2line LFN / 3line Description)
  Network browser setup in options (not finished)
  Options  -> Configuration ->Miscellaneous setups -> SystemTray (here you will change Stefans code and remove one instance)
  Alternative icon in tray if user have admin rights
  (Ctrl-k) in Process panel - is FullPath to process
  Confirm dialog before kill process
  Add % to skip files info in copy\move\dialog
  Highlite active attrib filter in separator (alt-s)
  F4- in serice$ panel change name mode (i use column 'B' as service status )
  Auto resizing copy\move\delete\dialog
  New archives support wia 7-zip
  Columns default size use (if not set in Alt-k)

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