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Find Panel, Date In Dbfview, Select By Ins

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Adam_L    0



I get sam bug (new feature?) in NDN (DPMI32 v2.31.5309)


1. Alt+7 "Find files" -> get panel FIND with list of files.

When delete same file, list not refresh, still include deleted file


2. DBFView.

When set in options->configuration->country support => date format to "year-month-day"

fields with date is wrong dispaly.


3. Why when to select files press INS key and hold down, not repetition key ?

To select more files must press and release key.


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Hi Adam,



Yes, this is already on the todo list



Added to the todo list.



I cannot confirm this.

It works for me under Windows XP, didn't test this in DOS.

Can you do some tests for me?


Stefan / AH

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