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New Release: V2.31.5309

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Hi everyone,


long time no see! :)

I hope you all had a good year 2010 until now.


As you can judge from the not much advanced build counter there have not been much compiles of NDN

since it's last release. Main reason for this (see the news) is PE2ELF:

NDN for Linux should now work again on old (more strict?) kernels.

I also hope that it now works on 64-Bit systems


Besides that I've (hopefully) fixed the remaining file execution bugs

that I've introduced with the last releases!



─════┤ v2.31.5309 DPMI32/WINDOWS/LINUX 22.03.10 ├═══════════════════════════─
[*] NDN.QDR/W32: added more Windows directories
[*] NDN.HGL: the Pascal FILES line was extended with regex pattern >PROGRAM|UNIT<
[+] HGROUPS.INI: Added *.mts;*.m2ts

[-] W32/WinNT+: Window titles did not handle kyrillic correctly {G} [A]
     -> wintitle.SetTitle() now correctly checks for WindowsNT
[-] LNX: PE2ELF didn't create fully working ELF executables - failed
     on older LINUX distributions like RedHat Linux 7.3 (Kernel 2.4.18-3) [A] (Akser)
     -> Rewrote PE2ELF (did cost me most of the time since the last release!)

[*] Inputlines: English <-> Russian only worked on marked data [N]
     -> dialogs.TInputLine.HandleEvent() now uses whole data if nothing is selected
[-] Clipboard insert into hexline crashed NDN [A]
     -> dialogs.TInputLine.HandleEvent() destroyed the contents of
     -> replaced dialogs.TInputLine.LastCommandWas with IsHexLineEvent
     -> added drivers.TEvent.InfoDetail

[-] W32/D32: Extensions from %PathExt% environment variable were ignored [A] (Dandv)
     -> moved dnexec.Executables to filetype (private) and added wrapper functions
     -> dnexec._ExecString().CheckWhatParams() now uses filetype.IsExecutable()
     -> fileio.SearchPathEnv() uses GetExecutableExt()
[-] W32/D32: Executing file in same dir without extension failed with
     'Command "." not found..." [A] (Rugxulo, Marcos Favero Florence de Barros)
     -> fileio.SearchPathEnv() used "/" instead of "\" in ".\<file>",
        now using SysPathSep()
[-] LNX: non-ELF executables were randomly executed [A]
     -> filetype.IsExecutable() didn't provide an ASCIIZ to stat()

[-] Resizing the window shows renadom colors and bad strings (Slavik)
     Hangup on FTP-VFS [A]
     -> infopane.TDiskInfo.Draw() used shr 1 instead of div 2 which led
        to bad results for string length calculations

[-] Video mode setup: Mode 1/2 were not saved to .ini on exit [A]
     -> dnutil.TDnApplication.HandleCommand()ChScreenMode() didn't notify
        the configuration change in startup.ConfigModified


Download: http://ndn.muxe.com/download/


See you soon again I hope,

Stefan / AH

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Garl    0
I also hope that it now works on 64-Bit systems


it work great! big thanks!

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What about utf-8 support?

Have not worked on it yet.


Whatsnew TODO section:


+ LNX: UTF-8 (unicode) screen draw support (VK LFS)


I won't give any time frame or similar.

It will be done when it's done and you will read it in the posted news.


Sorry for not being able to give positive feedback.


it work great! big thanks!

Do you mean NDN on Windows 64-Bit systems?

Sorry, I was not specific enough: NDN reportedly didn't run on (some?)

64-Bit Linux distributions and I hope that the ELF fixes fixed this issue...


Stefan / AH

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