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Native Support For 7-zip?

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dandv    0

I've noticed that NDN executes the archiver in order to read 7Z archives (usually NDN has native support for archives).


Is there a chance of improving 7Z support in the following ways?


1. If NDN doesn't find the 7Z executable, when enter an archive the error message will be "No files in archive", which misleads the user into thinking the archive is corrupt.


2. Executing 7Z every time is a bit slow. Maybe it's possible to load 7z.dll?


3. Reading archives using 7-Zip 9 beta no longer works (its archive listing output is interpreted as only one string: "Name").

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Hi Dan,


native support is the only solution.

And as the sources for 7Zip are available it should be possible.


I will add it to the list, whenever I touch the archive code again

(there are several issues) 7ZIP wil be worked on too.


Thank you,

Stefan / AH

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