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Comparing Files By Content Vs. Archives

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dandv    0

When comparing directories (Ctrl+C), if one of the panels is an archive and the "Compare content" box is checked, NDN will just marks files as being different.


It would be nice if either the "Compare context" checkbox were disabled, or if NDN actually extracted the files for comparison.

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Hi Dan,


I know that there are issues.


I think about using built in CRC sums to compare files (perfect for all modern archivers).

Extracting files is the last consequence of course.


For this I want to implement a new file access layer which should abstract the deletion or file

copy handling from the actual accessed VFS.

With this FTP and ARC should work out of the box with all existing features of NDN.

Probably won't be trivial, but it's pretty important to me.


Btw, I am working on a new release for this week,

sorry for another long delay...


Stefan / AH

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