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Trying To Move A File Onto Itself Stops Moving All Selected Files

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dandv    0

Here's my scenario:


In C:\stuff, I have a bunch of directories with files, including C:\stuff\sorted. I want to search for all files in C:\stuff that contain a specific text, and move them to C:\stuff\sorted.


So I press Alt+F7 and search. NDN has no way of excluding a directory from the search - see http://forums.muxe.com/index.php?showtopic=3236 ; so I have to just search for '*'.


The problem is that some of the files that will be found can already be in C:\stuff. Another problem: in Alt+B, there is no way to sort by path, which I often find very useful. In this case, all files in C:\stuff\sorted, would be sorted at the beginning of the find panel list, and I could select only the other files.


So my only choice* is to select all files, and move them to C:\stuff\sorted. The problem here is that as soon as NDN tries to move into C:\stuff\sorted one of the files in the find panel that's already in C:\stuff\sorted, it will stop the entire moving process.


So two suggestions here:


1. is it possible to add "Path" to the Alt+B sort menu?

2. If a file from a list of selected files can't be moved, for whatever reason, NDN should display the "Overwrite" pop-up, with options to move elsewhere/rename etc.


* - there would actually be a workaround - unselect files matching "*sorted*". However, in my test, I found that this unselected random files.

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