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[bug] .exe Apparently Has Precedence Vs. Cmd In Path

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dandv    0

On WinXP, when executing from the command prompt (cmd.exe) a command that doesn't have an extension (e..g 'git'), Windows will try the extensions from the PATHSEXT environment variables in order, looking for that command plus the extension (e.g. 'git.com', 'git.exe', 'git.bat', 'git.cmd') in PATH, again in order.


On my machine, for example, PATHEXT is:




PATH, as seen by NDN in Utilities -> Edit OS environment, is:


[windos junk] C:\utils\SlikSvn\bin\;c:\strawberry\perl\bin;c:\utils\git\cmd;c:\utils\git\bin;


Note how c:\utils\git\cmd is before c:\utils\git\bin.


c:\utils\git\cmd contains a file git.cmd, which is executed if I type "git" at the cmd.exe command prompt. However, if I type "git" in NDN, NDN executes git.exe from c:\utils\git\bin


This behavior of NDN causes msysgit portable to work incorrectly.



Dan Dascalescu




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Hi Dan,


you are a pretty lucky guy, since I am currently working on the execution part of NDN to

fix another bug. So, I probably will have this fixed next (I already know what the problem is).


Thank you,

Stefan / AH

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