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Syntax Highlight: Multiple Parsing For Comment Block End

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dandv    0

In Perl, one can have embedded documentation (called "POD") as comments between various comment start tags and one comment end tag: =cut:


=head1 NAME

This is the name of the module


... some heading code here ...


The module offers the following functions: ...


...function code...


As seen above, both =head1...=cut and =head2...=cut are comments. The problem is that trying to define both in NDN.HGL doesn't work:


Comment =head1 =cut
;  the declaration below doesn't work; apparently "=cut" never gets parsed again
Comment =head2 =cut


The second comment declaration won't highlight any comments.


Is this a bug? Can it be done in a different way?

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Hi Dan,


I can confirm a problem with highlighting this.


But for me it *does* start the second comment highlight.

Instead it doesn't stop anymore until the EOF.


I can only add this to the todo list since I haven't

done any highlight updates in a while and it will take

quite soem time to get into it again, so I plan to do it all

at once when I get there...


Hope you don't mind,

Stefan / AH

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