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New Release: V2.31.3836

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Hi everyone,


here's a new release of NDN, finally...

It sure has been a long time :)


Besides releasing the actual software itself, I have been doing some

updates, esp. to the NDN homepage, I want to mention:

- the "Beta versions" site has been removed (http://ndn.muxe.com/beta/),

since for the past few years all release have been quite stable and usable and

there never was a special "alpha" or "beta" release at all

- Release archives now have a complete and unique filename

- I have uploaded several tools made by VK, which were improved a lot by

Wladimir Trawnikow (VPT). These programs would have been my last chance to stay

with VP if Allan Mertner would not release a new version of VP.

- I've uploaded the DOS IP Stack used by NDN (STIPS), I think it needs

some work to make it work with all targets outside of NDN...

- because I realized that the LINUX SFX stubs as well as RAR itself depends on

certain libc versions I now pack the LINUX version of NDN as TGZ archive


Since I have found so many little bugs and had so many ideas for small

enhancements the past months, the next release will primarily be a bug

fix release, with a few little new features.


To all the people who requested the sources and didn't receive an email

regarding this from me: please, resend your request, I probably forgot you.


Here's the changelog:

[!] - renamed csource to extsrc, since it contains not only C sources anymore
     - renamed network to netdrive
[*] main.VersionDate now uses '.' instead of '-'
[+] added stringsx.GetPrintableBuffer()
[!] Reworked the debug defines in stdefine: DBG was removed and replaced with
     DEBUG, added OS specific DEBUG_<TARGET> defines;
     also added DEBUG define to makefile.dos
[*] added debug.DebugLogWithTime()
[!] Updated the NDN make and package (batch) files
     -> !compall.bat: NDN archives contain the exact version number
     -> #MK.BAT: OBJ/BIN directories will created if not existing
     -> renamed all the package files in cfg\ and tools\ (#*.*)

[*] NDN.HGL: improved the highlight file detection of windows like ini files
[*] NDN.EXT/DW32: added *make*[], obj[], lib[] and exe[] sections
[*] NDN.EXT/DW32: improved the asm[], c,cpp[] and pas[] sections
[!] Replaced the NECROMANCER define in ndn.vpo with simply NDN
[*] Desktop file version handling changes:
     - moved local dnutil.wDskVersion to public startup.wDskVersion
     - the desktop file version number is now target specific
     - added version file constants
     - added the possibility to load "incompatible" desktop files if the
       incompatibility was fixed in code
       -> added startup.DskVersionCompatibilityList, used in

[+] added a C-Interface library (cintfc); added to objects unit
[*] the VP RTL DOS unit now has better TP/BP DPMI32 compatibility:
     - readded Registers, Intr(), MsDos(), GetIntVec(), SetIntVec(), Ptr();
       this made porting the TCP/IP library 'tppktip' (Klaus Hartnegg) much easier
     - changed all source code references (esp. Ptr())
     - removed code from dpmi32, dpmi32df, removed the unit dpmi
     - added first Go32 (FPC) compatibility to dpmi32; this allowed porting
       ipstack (for FPC by Diego De Marco) to VP
[+] Added (D|W|Long)Word / (U)Int(8|16|32|64) types to system.pas

[*] Move/Resize & Statusline always showed "F5 Resize" even if no resize possible (Slavik)
     -> renamed all English\ndn.dnr."5Resize" to "5ResMov"
[-] OS error output (red dialogs) now correctly show russian characters [A] {G}
     -> drivers5.SystemError().PrepareErrorData() converts the error string
[+] collect.TStringCollection now supports case sensitive and insensitive strings
     -> added collect.TStringCollection.CaseInsensitive|Init() and replaced the
        assembler code in function collect.TStringCollection.Compare() with
[+] collect.TUnSortedStrCollection used TSortedCollection.Search() which only
     works for sorted lists
     -> added TUnSortedStrCollection.(Search|SearchA)()
[-] Fixed possible crashes on nil strings
     -> drivers.MoveCStr() and drivers3.CStrLen()

[-] FTP: command sockets were shutdown but not closed [A]
     -> added closesocket() to vfs_ftp.TFTPConnected.(ConnectToFTP|Disconnect)()
[+] FTP/D32: first DOS (N)DN ever with FTP support
     -> added TCP/IP Stack by Diego De Marco, heavily modified and updated for
        NDN and BSD socket compatibility (extsrc\ipstack): Sabretooth IP Stack (STIPS)
     -> the desktop version has changed, but old desktop files should remain
        usable: filescol.LoadFileRec() checks for the desktop version
[*] FTP: cleaned up the source, several corrections and updates
     (list is incomplete...)
      - removed usage of public os specfic BSD incompatible stuff (WSA*)
      - Rearranged commands that need to open data connections: AcceptDataCon()
      - Added "Quit" if connected but login failed
        -> TFTPConnected.ConnectToFTP() calls QuitSession()
      - Failed connections checked the command socket for 0 instead of INVALID_SOCKET
      - D32: FileMode was read only, now correctly set before each file operation:
        -> TFTPDrive.SaveList, TFTPConnected.(CopyFileFrom|CopyFileTo)
      - wrapped the Windows specific WSA(Startup|Shutdown|GetLastError)() into
      - LNX/W32: correct fdset handling for select() -> FD_(Zero|Clr|Set|IsSet)()
      - D32: added select()
      - moved into extsrc\ipstack\

[-] English: fixed several spelling errors (wether)
[+] D32: Added help on networking / ethernet setup

[+] STIPS: added short readme.txt for the updated version

[-] -1.000000000000000000000000000000 returned 0 for HEX/BIN/OCT/SYS (Slavka) [V] {C}
     -> bug in Val() (system.Str2Float()), where the digits after the decimal
        point where not correctly added to the final result; happened on digit
        30+ with negative numbers only
     -> Thanks to {C} who provided a correctly working function GetReal(),
        used to correct the code in the VP RTL

[*] Fix dBase IV (.dbt) memo field view (variabled memo size) {G}
[*] View binary memo fields {G}

[*] Empty string items will not be accepted anymore
     -> rcp.CompileDialog().ProcessDLGs().GetItems() handles empty values

[-] fileio.ExistMain() didn't handle empty file names correctly [A]
[*] "Quick directory" (QuickDirs) feature was improved:
     - dnini.Proceed() now uses a for loop to handle quick directories
       -> dnini.TDoProc() now uses strings instead of PChar
     - Added unit quickdir where all quick dir code is moved into
       -> cleaned up and improved filescol.SelectDrive()
     - Added external quick directories, not accessible via ALT-[1-9] {G}
       -> users can access up to 90 additional quick dirs
       -> added commands.cmQuickChange0|cmQuickChangeMax|cmEditExtQuickDirs
       -> renamed dnutil.TDnApplication.HandleCommand(.DoQuickChange() to
       -> added ndn.qdr handling to quickdir: ";" comments, no duplicate
          directories will be shown, only add dirs that exist if '?' is
          prepended, add menu lines with '-' on a single line,
          added default ndn.qdr to build dirs, '*' for descriptions in the key field,
          ndn.qdr syntax highlight data
       -> created new sub menu Options.Configuration files
       -> the former hardcoded system paths are now added to ndn.qdr by default
       -> renamed commands.fmoAltF1F2SysPaths to fmoAltF1F2ExtQuickDirs
       -> help updated
     - environment variables in quickdirs are possible
       -> added stringsx.ReplaceEnvironmentVariables()


Get it here:



All the best,

Stefan / AH

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dandv    0
Hi everyone,


here's a new release of NDN, finally...

It sure has been a long time :)




- Release archives now have a complete and unique filename


Congrats! I haven't kept up to date with NDN, but now I'm back.


I just noticed that the self-extracting archive for the Win32 NDN uses the German RAR. Can the next release please use English?



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Dan, welcome back. :)


Sorry, I didn't notice that.

This will be changed in the next release...


Note on the next release:


As I mentioned in the first post the next release will mainly focus on bug fixes and

only contain small new features or additions.

I have decided to go through the complete TODO list and check each entry for

importance and amount of work. This will take some time so please don't mind if the

next release will be released in (late) September.


Stefan / AH

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