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Hi friends,


after the first 3 months without a NDN release I feel really bad and I also feel

obliged to let everyone know what's going on.


First of all: NDN is not dead!


Having that said I want to give you a quick update on what has happened the past 3 months

and why there hasn't been any new release.


After returning from holidays around the 21st of January, I went back to my PC

with a lot of motivation. Before continuing any work on my PC I decided to do

some clean and back ups. I then realized that I had an unfinished DOS Network

configuration started long time ago and decided to give it another try.

After a few hours I got that working - unbelievable.

So, I started immediately working on adding NDN's FTP implementation

(and everything networking that might come in future) to the DPMI32 target.

And this is where it all began.


Of course, the DOS TCP/IP stack had to have a BSD compatible socket interface.

And, for the beginning, I decided to settle on the PC/FTP packet interface for network communication.

I have been looking for all possible stacks that can be used for internet networking in DOS,

and ported (or tried to) a lot of them to VP or BC.

Just to name a few in trying order:

wattcp, watt32 (forget these, also C only)

libtso (better, but also pretty unusable for non C targets)

tppktip http://www.klaus-hartnegg.de/pascal/ip/ (very good, he received my ported code, unfortunately doesn't include TCP)

lwip (very promising, but not easy to get running)

ipstack v1.2.2 by Diego De Marco (should have tried that earlier, it's my current choice)


So, with ipstack I now already can do DNS lookups and DHCP configuration in NDN.

I am having little problems getting the TCP code working, but I will get there. :)

TCP is what I need to implement NDNs FTP.


As a side effect, while facing some severe problems with the above process and the VP compiler,

there is now even a new VP release on the horizon - thank you Allan Mertner.


And I did quite some internal source code changes that I wanted to do long time ago.


I hope I can get all that working within the next 2 weeks.


Probably all W32/LNX users will think: WTF! Nothing else?

Yes, the next release will mainly focus on the above feature/issue.

It will remove quite some lines from my todo list.

And, I will do some FTP updates while I am at it.


But, fear not, I have to go to the hospital tomorrow and stay there for about 3 days without

internet connection, but with my notebook.

So, I maybe will be able to work on some issues not connected to the above.

Besides that I probably have to stay at home for about another 2 weeks which

should give me plenty of time for some more news or fixes.


Ok, I have to get ready and do some more preparations for tomorrow morning.

The past few days have been quite busy...

I hopefully forgot nothing important.


So, all the best and see you soon,

Stefan / AH

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