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Some Ndn.hgl Keywords Are Ignored (bad Parsing?)

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dandv    0

Save the following as a CSS file:

h1 {
    border: thin;
    border-style: thin;
    padding: 10px;
    padding-top: 10px;


Edit that CSS file with NDN 2.31.2699 (the bug is there in the older versions too). Notice that "padding" and "border" are not highlighted, although these two keywords are listed in the "FILES *.CSS" section of NDN.HGL.


Here is the smallest HGL that I found to reproduce the problem:

   GeneralFlags 0
   Keywords1 padding-top,padding-bottom,padding
   Keywords2 thin,red
   Keywords3 border-style,border


If you remove "padding-bottom" and edit the CSS file again, then "padding" will be highlighted. Even more weird, if you remove "red", "border" will be highlighted.

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