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Error In Encoding

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Crimso    0

Symbol "No" (Number) in Windows encoding is on the wrong place. If you will open file xlt\test.txt in Notepad you will see this symbol on the 19 row, 27 character (code F9), but in the NDN it's on the 30 place (code FC).

I don't quite understand, how should I edit .xlt file to set it in the right place, please help me someone!

And second question: what .xlt file should I edit to replace standard Win-encoding in NDN (that which turning on by pressin F8 key, not by Ctrl-F8) ?


Thank you!

I used DN OSP before, and just recently discover for myself this version of DN. It is very interesting version, and I just happy that it still developing.

But this little mis-encoding is very unpleasant, as I often edit files with this symbol...

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Hello Crimso,


sorry for the late reply.


The problem with these symbols (characters > 127) is that every language can redefine them.


For example, I created a new XLT file for this release to be able to display the german windows

codepage correctly:



(Umlauts and ß)


I suspect the current implemented WIN codepage to be specifically for russian users,

or am I wrong? We should probably try to get a default WIN charset from the

operating system in the country setup.


The WIN codepage is fixed and built into NDN.

As long as I don't get the default table from the OS this problem remains for any user,

using a different codepage than russian.


Your only choice right now is to create your own .xlt file.


What country codepage are you using?

MAybe this is a bug in the russian implementation of the current WIN codepage.


Stefan / AH

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Crimso    0

Hello Stefan!


Thank you for answer.

I forgot that there can be people not only from Russia who use Dos Navigator :D

Yes, I use that russian charset for russian users ;) and it seems that default WIN charset is slightly differs from standard Win-1251 charset.

Please, look at the picture


First table is seen from NDN, second from Notepad and third is from DN OSP. You can find that two last tables has similar marked parts, but in that from NDN symbol "No" stand in another place.

It would be very great if this symbol will be placed on the right place in default WIN charset, because it prevents (at least me) from using NDN in some cases...


P.S. Are you That Same Stefan Who Made The NDN ? :) If yes, then take my respects - it is became to be the very great program!



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Hi Crimso and again sorry for the late reply.


I am quite busy at the moment. :)

I have saved the image and the link to this thread.

I cannot work on this at the moment but I have added this to the todo list.


Yes, it is me.

I have taken over the work from Necromancer 5 years ago.


Thank you for your support and comments,

Stefan / AH

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