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New Beta: V.2.31.1478

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This is it, my 5 year anniversary release. Unbelievable!

With more than 2 months since the last release, sorry. :)


I talked about something big the last time. There were a few things on my list

that would have fit into this category:

+2GB file support


Better Linux X-Server support


Well, I started off with working on the X-Server thing, and I got quite good results.

Of course, a lot of new problems popped up: suddenly some terminals stop sending

keypress/release events when the mouse cursor enters the window.

I have not been able yet to solve this (probably just a focus thingie?) without grabbing

the keyboard - maybe this will remain as final solution

But at least NDN doesn't crash anymore and should be quite usable under X now.

Please, look into the online help in the supported operating systems topic for more information.


But, while working on this, I found out that there's a Linux emulation layer (Linuxulator)

built into FreeBSD (and other BSDs...), which was said to be quite complete.

Of course, I could not resist and started working on making NDN run in FreeBSD.

It took me several WEEKS, just to find out that NDN uses many

Linux calls (ioctls) are not supported (yet?).

I found out that the VP program PE2ELF was not correctly working and

started to rewrite it (the source code can be found on the download page and needs

to be copied over the existing VP installation...).

With some changes to my LNX RTL (FreeBSD destroys some registers which it shouldn't...)

at least simple VP LNX programs now run on the FreeBSD Linuxulator.

Last but not least, the ELF executables are now more compatible to all the Linux tools

like readelf or file.


Don't know if that matters to anyone, but it does matter to me. :)


There are some little bug fixes and improvments besides the above stuff.

Some issues on my todo list simply are no easy task anymore which can be solved

within a few hours or days. :)

But read for yourself down below.


I hope I will be able to continue the exciting work on NDN as long as possible.

And I hope that all of you will keep on supporting me and NDN like in the past.


Thank you to the people who contributed code, bug reports or money.

Thank you to all users and supporters!


On to the next 5 years!


─════┤ v2.31.1478 DPMI32/WINDOWS/LINUX 11.08.08 ├═══════════════════════════─
[+] NDN.HGL: added *.xdd to the XML highlight data
              improved the ASM data (Slavik)
[*] Russian help and language files updated (Slavik - kusla@newmail.ru)
[*] Included the HX DOS-Extender to the VP dir tree (unusable, no LE/LX support);
     added a new subdirectory into VP/D32.BIN/: STUBS;
     this directory now contains all dos extender stubs tested with NDN
[+] added *.MBS/*README*/MANIFEST (Text) to highlight groups and syntax higlighting
[+] LNX: improved the .PAS extension handling for VP

[-] Toggle block mode while marking with mouse via [ALT] or the
     [RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON] didn't use the selected block mode in the following
     block operations [A]
     -> added microed.TFileEditor.VertBlockTemp for temporary block mode
        override, used in microed7.(Editor|InfoLine)Draw() and micro_3.EdHandleMouse()
[-] on startup, trying to open non-existing file with set bookmarks crashed [A]
     -> moved bookmark init code from microed2.EditWindowLoad() into

[*] W32 NETW: increased the amount of network resources that can be retrieved
     -> modified network.GetResources().EnumResources().Buffer
     -> this was only added since it was easy to do, the network vfs needs to be
[-] FTP: the previous directory wasn't restored after startup [A]
     -> vfs_ftp.TFTPConnected.Load() restores the previous directory
[-] FTP: edited files were restored to current directory and not to their real
     source directory, f.ex. after a directory change [A]
     -> vfs_ftp.ftp_StoreFile() now correctly uses the source directory of files

[-] LNX Copy/Move: Fixed a div by 0 crash on link files [A]
     -> filecopy.FilesCopy().CalcPercent() now uses advance0.Percent
[-] Copy/Move: "directory preserve" option didn't work when copying files;
     result: doubled drive letter, c:\x\c:\src\file.ext (Eugeniusz Kosek) [X]
     -> filecopy.FilesCopy().CopyFile() was missing an else in the file name
     -> filecopy.FilesCopy().MakeDirectories() didn't precreate the paths
        when copying files, only those of directories

[*] improved the directory/panel reread code, fixing following issues:
     - all drives were reread after copying/moving/deleting/saving [DNC]
       -> added vfs_driv.TDrive.Contains() which let's the drive check
          whether it should be reread or not, used in
       -> Contains was implemented in vfs_(driv|find|ftp)
       -> added microed.FileChanged() to tmpfview.TTmpFView.StoreTemporaryFile()
     - drives were reread 2 times on certain operations, commands were sent to
       Desktop + Application, because the Application contains Desktop [DNOC]
       -> dnapp.Global(Message|MessageL|Event)() now don't send the commands
          to the Desktop in the Application group
       -> dnapp.GlobalMessageL() now uses dnapp.GlobalMessage() internally
     - LNX: checking for virtual drives when rereading drive data [DNC]
       -> flpanelx.TFilePanelRoot.CommandHandle()._DoRereadDir()
          uses linux compatible drive comparison
     - drive space was not updated when visible on the driveline [NC]
       -> flpanelx.TFilePanelRoot.CommandHandle()._DoRereadDir()
          also redraws the DriveLine object

[-] LNX: edit os environment didn't work [V]
     -> vpsyslnx.SysLowInitPreTLS() didn't init Environment correctly
[-] LNX X: fixed following terminal issues:
     - crashed on x11.Init() because of using a bad window id [A]
       -> added x11.GetWindowId() which finds the current NDN window
          by using the pid
     - crash because of a bad implementation of the X(Un)LockDisplay() [Y]
       -> using an internal sempahore to lock access to the X functions in x11
     * added a list of terminal emulators and issues to the online help
[*] LNX/FreeBSD: NDN starts but crashes in Linuxulator (Linux emulation mode)
     * modified PE2ELF
       -> lowercased uses names since VP/LNX has problems with this
       -> now writing program headers before the section headers, this finally
          gives a fully Linux compatible ELF file, which now also works correctly
          with the Linux ELF tools (ldd, file, ...)
       -> the program header itself is written to the program headers
       -> made the unmaintainable source code maintainable
     * vpsyslnx.SysCtrlCreateThread(): Parent.edx after clone() was destroyed
       and thus the RTL didn't even start
     * vpsyslnx.? on exit somewhere the fs (Thread) register was destroyed,
       resulting in an illegal instruction exception
     * less complex programs (Hello world!, simple thread tests) now work
[-] LNX: vpsyslnx.SysCtrlSleep() checked for EAGAIN when interrupted by signales,
          now uses EINTR
[-] LNX: vpsyslnx.SysCtrlCreateThread() now uses linux.LnxClone()

[-] 7Zip: fixed the archive list parsing when the compressed size information
     is missing [A] (Eugeniusz Kosek)
     -> archiver.ReadArcList() writes a fake 0 in case of a missing number

[*] ELF: completed the header data (e_ident)
     -> added extra inputlines to the resources, updated viewhead.tELFHdr
        and corresponding code

[+] Added pow() operation
     -> modified calc.DoEval() by adding pow() parsing and put the
        parenthesis scanning code into a function
[*] Renamed "Bracket" to "Parenthesis"
[+] Added floor() and ceil() operations {C}
     -> added 64-Bit floor() and ceil() operations to mathx, as the VP math
        ones are 32-Bit: ceil64() and floor64()
     -> replaced direct usage of status control values with constants:
        ceil64(), floor64(), Int64Init()


Download: http://ndn.muxe.com/download/


All the best,

Stefan / AH

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Zaimskih    0



----< NDN ERROR LOG START >-----------------------------------------------------

DATE: 15-09-2008 14:48:50

EXE : C:\NDN\ndn.exe

VER : Necromancer's Dos Navigator WIN32 mode

ADD : v2.31.1478 08-08-2008

ERR : D9h (217)

ADDR: 004b4372

MSG : Unhandled exception

OSD : 16 (80x25)


FILE: F:\NDN\SOURCE\dbfview.pas(471)

MEM : F7 F9 48 66 89 87 7B 01 00 00 66 83 BF 7B 01 00 (at CS:IP)

CS : 001B

DS : 0023

SS : 0023

SP : A674

MEMm: 7ffffffe

MEMa: 7fffffff


= ???? ???? ??????? ??????? ?????? ???????? ????????? ???? 14:48

╔═[1]════════ Find: *.dbf ═════════════╗╔══════════ X:\205\???????? ═══════[]═╗

║ ??? │ ?????? │ ???? │????? ║║ ??? │ ?????? │ ???? │????? ║

║.. │<???????>│01-01-80│01:01 ║║.. │<???????>│15-09-08│14:44 ║

║accspec dbf│8,268,571│12-09-08│17:10 ║║archiving │>???????<│18-03-08│12:59 ║

║bankacc dbf│ 11,634k│12-09-08│17:10 ║║ProcExp 102│>???????<│29-05-07│20:26 ║

║eopbase dbf│ 30,763k│14-09-08│10:13 ║║?????? │>???????<│09-07-08│16:19 ║

║nobase dbf│5,551,086│12-09-08│15:50 ║║??????????? │>???????<│09-07-08│16:19 ║

║org dbf│ 20,157k│12-09-08│17:10 ║║???????? │>???????<│07-06-08│10:58 ║

║OrgBase DBF│ 11,537k│12-09-08│17:10 ║║quser exe│ 17,920│15-03-07│18:00 ║

║ │ │ │ ║║UnInstall.b>│ 99│26-12-07│14:49 ║

║ │ │ │ ║║archiving.r>│ 1,226│18-03-08│12:47 ║

║ │ │ │ ║║Backup zip│ 427,092│18-03-08│12:22 ║

║ │ │ │ ║║Detal zip│ 223,878│07-06-08│09:55 ║

║ │ │ │ ║║46595f01 pp9│ 822│15-09-08│14:25 ║

║ │ │ │ ║║dlllic dll│ 160,768│11-12-07│13:37 ║

║ │ │ │ ║║get_license>│ 4,476│11-12-07│13:37 ║

║ │ │ │ ║║???? ??????>│ 127,488│03-02-06│18:42 ║

║─<-A--->────┴─────────┴ 89,687,952/6 ─║║??????????_>│ 98,304│06-04-04│15:26 ║

║BANKACC.DBF 11,634k 12-09-08 17:10║║─<-A--->────┴─────────┴ 4,547,839/17 ─║

║ - ??? ???????? ????? - ║║46595f01.pp9 822 15-09-08 14:25║

║D:\???????????\ ║║ - ??? ???????? ????? - ║

╚[ACDEHJOPQRSTUVWXYZ*?#:]══════════════╝╚[ACDEHJOPQRSTUVWXYZ*?#:]═════ 16,963M ┘


F1??? F2???? F3????? F4??? F5????? F6????? F7??? F8???? F9?????? F10??????


Runtime error 217 at $004B4372 TID=1

Stack memory: $000B0000..$00130000

EBP MemL[EBP] MemL[EBP+4] EIP Source line

$-------- $-------- $-------- $004B435A dbfview.pas#471

$0012A67C $0012C128 $004DB82D $004DB828 drivers6.pas#155

$0012C128 $0012C168 $004DAD30 $004DAD2B drivers4.pas#44

$0012C168 $0012C18C $7C9037BF

$0012C18C $0012C23C $7C90378B

$0012C23C $0012D10C $7C90EAFA

$0012D10C $0012D234 $004B6EAB $004B6E8D dbfview.pas#1369

$0012D234 $0012D628 $004B61D3 $004B61CD dbfview.pas#1143

$0012D628 $0012D86C $004C0873 $004C0859 dbfview.pas#3469

$0012D86C $0012DEA8 $0049B877 $0049B864 dnutil.pas#785

$0012DEA8 $0012EA58 $0049DCC4 $0049DCA7 dnutil.pas#1612

$0012EA58 $0012EA80 $0047F8E8 $0047F8DE main3.pas#369

$0012EA80 $0012EAA8 $0041D66A $0041D65D views.pas#4556

$0012EAA8 $0012EDC0 $0044EFE5 $0044EFCB vfs_driv.pas#875

$0012EDC0 $0012F004 $0046D18D $0046D175 flpanelx.pas#731

$0012F004 $0012F890 $0047175E $00471753 flpanelx.pas#2244

$0012F890 $0012FAE8 $00478CD9 $00478CCF flpanel.pas#1645

$0012FAE8 $0012FB00 $0041C445 $0041C435 views.pas#3925

$0012FB00 $0012FB18 $0041C4EE $0041C4E3 views.pas#3953

$0012FB18 $0012FB4C $0041D050 $0041D046 views.pas#4388

$0012FB4C $0012FB5C $00507F98 $00507F8E hideview.pas#38

$0012FB5C $0012FB88 $004C67A0 $004C6796 dblwndx.pas#186

$0012FB88 $0012FBA0 $0041C445 $0041C435 views.pas#3925

$0012FBA0 $0012FBB8 $0041C4EE $0041C4E3 views.pas#3953

$0012FBB8 $0012FBE0 $0042DD40 $0042DD36 DNAPP.PAS#653

$0012FBE0 $0012FBF8 $0041C445 $0041C435 views.pas#3925

$0012FBF8 $0012FC10 $0041C4EE $0041C4E3 views.pas#3953

$0012FC10 $0012FC2C $0042E9A0 $0042E996 DNAPP.PAS#1097

$0012FC2C $0012FC40 $0042F02D $0042F023 DNAPP.PAS#1477

$0012FC40 $0012FC68 $0047F865 $0047F853 main3.pas#355

$0012FC68 $0012FC90 $0041BFEC $0041BFE2 views.pas#3664

$0012FC90 $0012FC9C $0042EBFC $0042EBF6 DNAPP.PAS#1234

$0012FC9C $0012FFA4 $00401963 $00401954 main.pas#305

$0012FFA4 $0012FFAC $0040105D $00401058 NDN.PAS#15

$0012FFAC $0012FFF0 $0012FFE0

$0012FFF0 $00000000 $00000000


----< NDN ERROR LOG END >-------------------------------------------------------

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Garl    0


NDN always crash on view this DBF file or it is single crash?


can you send BANKACC.DBF to my mail (garl_mail_ru) and i look and try to fix this bug .


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Zaimskih    0

NDN crash when view dbf files, created by Visual Foxpro


Upload failed. Please ask the administrator to ensure the uploads directory is available


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Garl    0
NDN crash when view dbf files, created by Visual Foxpro


Fixed :blush:

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BmW    0

Glad to see that NDN is alive. I was going to sort/delete/ files and have no tool to do it in linux. Thanks to you

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