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new beta: 2.14.9501

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hi everyone!



[!] forgot to add that now by default all strings are ANSISTRINGS, not

shortstrings anymore, i hope this won't make any problems


[*] clean up/rewrite some of stringsx, fileio (removed ALFSplit/geturz ==


[+] made cd_eject/close available for public (cdplayer -> disk.pas)


[*] D32 new dos extender used (Dos32a)


[*] executables are compressed by UPX


[*] new InitDirs Entry: IniFile (dnutil, dnini*7)


[*] TUserSaver in archiver, moved to usrsaver [O]


[*] Support for 4DigYear in all parts of NDN (SmartPad, Ed^Q,D) (Dandv)


[*] TimeSlice 15/28/2f are D32 only, created option for other targets


[*] created proc to Add/Remove trailing SysPathSep, saved 4k code/1k data

(and introduced some bugs?)

[+] StringsX.FormatStr: added tComp/64-Bit int (dnstdlg.tFileInfoPane)




[*] max group count increased to 64 (Garl)

[-] messed up strings because wrong Size.X used for calculations [A]

[-] File w/o ext Highlight: *. or * didn't work (*;*/*;*. did) (Basil/2) [NC]


[*] * == *.* now, *. == files w/o extensions


[*] ordered internal hgroups.ini data this way: DIR-ARC-EXE-OTHER


[+] CTRL-LEFT,RIGHT/SPACE to open/close entry (Garl)


[-] W32 setting screen modes didn't work correctly [O][A]

[+] W32 Insert/Delete (Ctrl-Ins/Del) video modes [C]

[+] W32 NT set screen modes from properties e.g. 101x41 (Necromancer)


[*] Removed Palette/SVGA/VESA stuff from non-D32/OS2 code, video cleanup

[+] new option in mode setup: reset mode list (reread default/max modes)

[+] W32 NT max possible screen mode in mode list (Shift-F12)

[-] Reset videomodes hung up NDN [A]


[*] D32 NT: disabled all modes (>= 80x??) & (>= ??x50)

[-] Ctrl-O did not show the last line [NC] (Dandv)


[*] W32 Grey color too bright; use xp_palet.reg to fix NT+ settings


[*] W32 Change between MAXIMIZED/DEFAULT window position and size by setting

the current VideoMode again



[*] SmartTabs now work like SmartBackSp (more lines than just the previous)

[-] SearchBracketPair on 'lonely' closing bracket crashed [N]

[-] DelLeftWord deleted on spaces boundaries, not characters (Basil/2) [NC]



[*] better clock position detection (Quant) [NC]


[-] Setup had Password/Exclude Paths options mixed up (Elfy) [N]


[-] RunByHalt=False Ctrl-O & exec: background was not updated on return [A]

[-] UserScreen not updated when one panel closed (Panelreread/totalreread);

only Ctrl-O updates, not ESC [NC] (Basil/2)

(W32 always, D32 NT -> SwapExec)

[-] W32 wrong cursor position fix (PreNDN Cursor not correctly read:

SysTVInitCursor called at wrong position; moved to InitVideo) [NCA]


[*] removed InitKeyboard


[*] reduced SysTVGetCurType usage


[-] Disk.Driveinfo.GetDriveChar('') crash fix [A]


[*] Tree + Info panels support shift+up/down for commandline strings

[-] "Disk is write-protected in drive F:" if no disk is inserted (Garl) [A]

[+] Options.File_Manager.Setup: Shadows for Filepanel windows option

(hit Ctrl-O 2 times to update changes)

[-] Readded quickdircount: max amount of quickdirs visible in AltF1/2 (Garl)


[-] draw (Ctrl-1 mode) description BG of subdirs in cursor color (Quant) []

[+] DriveLine: DOUBLE CLICK == goto root dir (DataCompBoy/Garl)


[*] ALT-E: length(inputline)+1 for time and date (Dandv)


[*] completed File Attribute ALT-E dialog with Creation/LastAccess times and

all possible file attributes (faster data processing);

also added delete/reset/current buttons

W32/D32: cannot modify Last Access time

LNX: cannot modify Creation time/date



[*] moving through diz-files with cursor keys wasn't finished [NC]


[+] Options.Configuration.SystemSetup.EnhancedWildcards (LFN.lMakeName)

- Didn't understand x*.*, *x.*, ... [DNOC]

- '*' should be treated as '*.' [DNOC]

(* is always the complete name/ext of the source name)

(? is the character at the same position of the source name)


[*] Sharing violations now also give IGNORE as option (==Skip)

[-] hiding both panels switches via CtrlO, unhiding didn't work anymore [A]

[-] 1 panel only, hidden panel==info/tree/qview, Exit and start again [NC]

(Views.3431.tView.First crash; dblwnd.SwitchLeft/Right.Owner^.Redraw)

[-] QView/Tree/Info panels didn't stay hidden after restart [DNC]


[-] LoadDNIniSettings: new data not saved when SSavers = nil [NC]



[*] W32 Nice keyboard polling enhancenment

[-] W32 (W9x) Alt+Tab combinations went into quick search mode [A]

NOTE: W32/D32 NT no way to fix that (?) [DNOCA]


[-] Drive: mkdir " 123" didn't work (Garl) [A]


[-] W32 NT: NT+ doesn't save multiple current dirs (Basil/2) [NC][O]

(Added LFN.CurrentPaths to lFexpand/lGetDir/lChdir)

[+] LNX added W32 NT current paths usage to LINUX


[*] FindDataToSearchRec now uses windows.tWin32FindData, removed LFNTimes,


[*] removed lfn._SysFileOpen/Create W32 because original ones work as well


[*] D32 lfn -> ASM: _SysFileCreate/Open, lWIN95EraseFile, lWIN95FileAttrFunc,

lWIN95DirFunc, lWIN95ChDir, lWIN95FindClose


[+] extended vpsyslow.tOSSearchRec with creation/lastaccess times and added

them to vpsyslnx/w32.DoFindFile and vpsysos2.SysFindFirst/Next


[-] W32 NT random file was opened when NDN was started [V]

vpsysw32.SysCmdLn: added ELSE to programname skip



[*] Improved TMenuBox/THugeMenuBox: added Title to INIT,

THugeMenuBox = object(TMenuBox), Titles to several MenuBoxes in NDN


[-] crash if unfound NC style menus [NC] (Basil/2)

[-] end/start of NC style menu entries







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hoak    0

And it's GREAT! :) Would it ever be possible to integrate a rustic text based web browser in DN like Lynx or Pico? Even with the most primitive browsing features it would be very nice feature making DN even more powerful as so much is accessible through HTML -- even local system administrative interfaces now...


I know what I'm suggesting would probably be a lot of work, perhaps far too much, but there are many open source text browser projects that might make it not as difficult...


In any case thank you for a great update!



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the idea is worth considering (someday :P)


in the next months i want to start a FTP VFS

maybe extending this to HTML won't be too hard?


thanks for the post



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Basil/2    0

Thanks for the build, this beta looks to be VERY good!


Large couple of bugs fixed (output window, dirs saving, ctrl-Backspace); I was impressed that bugs I reported were corrected so quickly. The future of NDN promises to be happy, I'm sure other bugs will be corrected in a such way.



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as you can see from my todo list (end of ah_news.txt) there are a lot of bugs or new things i want to do with NDN


and then there is the fact that i want to keep DPMI32/WIN32 and LINUX working, which also requires more work on new features/bug fixes than if i would just have to work on the W32 port f.ex.


the bug report you've sent to me had some bugs that were easy to fix, so i did worked on them

(which i unfortunately cannot do everytime with all bugs)

sometimes i even get to learn new features of NDN i didn't know until a user tells me about its existence

or i get new ideas for additions

(like, LINUX f.ex. now also saves directories like W32 NT, although LINUX does not even have seperate drives, this feature was almost a simple copy of the WIN32 code to the LINUX plattform)


thanks for all the nice words today

(from me, Denis and Daniil)



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Basil/2    0

Strange, but "Ctrl-J 0..9" editor hotkeys don't work in this beta. But at the same time menu item "Edit-Macros" works perfectly! What the matter?

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dandv    0
Would it ever be possible to integrate a rustic text based web browser in DN like Lynx or Pico?

A Pascal unit for viewing HTML files is already available from the CONNECT (IBM Handshaker) file manager at http://www.orlov.wapil.com/connect/


Full sources are availabe in the Download section.

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