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Error in viewer

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sokols    0

v2.14.7374 (10.08.04) DPMI, Win98 SE.


I view big text file (about 170 Mb) and try to find text string near the end of it. In some time I get an error:

Exception 0D9h at address 84e60d8a

in E:\NDN\SOURCE\views.pas

Line 1289


Exactly the same error raises immediately by pressing CtrlEnd or CtrlPgDown.

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dandv    0
And it apeeared again... I don't know, what it is depend on...

I also encountered the E:\NDN\SOURCE\views.pas(1289) error in NDN 2.14.7374 but I haven't reported it because I can't reproduce it for a small enough file. Here's the mail I was going to send to AH:


(──NDN── 14.08.04 20:04:20 ════════════════════────────────────)

I'm sorry that this bug report doesn't follow the neat and utterly

precise style of my previous bug reports, but I frankly didn't have

the incentive to spend more than one hour trying to pin it down.


The idea is that for ONLY a given file, an 155_455_436-byte MP3,

viewed in Hex or Dump mode, going (F5) in the to an address around

$4EF0000 crashes NDN. I tried with various other, bigger and smaller,

files, but I can't reproduce it. The smallest address which causes

the crash in Dump mode is $4ea65bf, but in Hex mode you can still F5 there.


I hope the source code will tell you more...


Alternatively, I can send you the file in 25-Mb archives over a

public FTP server, or if you have an FTP server, I can upload it

there at roughly 40Kb/s.


I have uploaded the NDN.ERR file to


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