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Wish: Enhanced process list

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dandv    0

The "Process list" virtual panel is quite nice and it would be

GREAT if you could locate the associated executable in the passive

panel by pressing Shift-Enter, just as you do from the TEMP: or

FIND: panels.


I frequently found myself noticing a suspicious process in the

Windows' process list and not being able to get to its executable.

I had to search for the filename or use another process explorer

tool such as TaskInfo.


Since NDN can already show the file size, date and time, I guess

it would be feasible to implement the Shift+Enter behavior, and

maybe even making F3 work over such a process.




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F3 is on my list already :)


and, thanks for the Shift-Enter hint, i didnt know it even existed :P


about some processes not displayed or no paths:

this is because WinNT/XP/2K doesnt deliver the same info for some processes

as for the other ones, but at the moment i believe this is ok for most of us



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