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    still a DOS user, sometimes...
  1. New Release: V2.31.5222

    My forward from BTTR forum I tested it under Win7Ultimate and it works! But you have to copy the DLL into win\system32 directory. Then clipboard works fine. VDD in NDN directory Necromancer's Dos Navigator v2.31.5222/DPMI32. Based on Dos Navigator by Ritlabs... [DEFINES/CPU86/CPU87/DPMI32/VIRTUALPASCAL] * Windows NT (v5.0) detected, Virtual Machine number is 0... * PCRE Version 7.7 2008-05-07 * Sabretooth TCP/IP Stack (STIPS) v1.2.4 (NDN) / 05.05.2009 * WinOldAp v1.0 / 10.10.2009: WinOldAp error (#1): NTVDM: DLL file not found! VDD in system directory Necromancer's Dos Navigator v2.31.5222/DPMI32. Based on Dos Navigator by Ritlabs... [DEFINES/CPU86/CPU87/DPMI32/VIRTUALPASCAL] * Windows NT (v5.0) detected, Virtual Machine number is 0... * PCRE Version 7.7 2008-05-07 * Sabretooth TCP/IP Stack (STIPS) v1.2.4 (NDN) / 05.05.2009 * WinOldAp v1.0 / 10.10.2009: WinOldAp error (#0): No Error! :clap:
  2. New Release: V2.31.5222

    Wow, seems that you had fixed compatability issues of DOS DPMI version under Win2k/XP. Now it starts up fast and work smooth without any short hangs. Calling commandline batches from ndn.ext works fine too. So thank you for the xmass gift :) p.s. where can I get source of winoldapp.dll? I'd like to try make own VDD in mingw32 so just for inspiration. I didn't find many tutorials covering a VDDs... EDIT well I missed that, bottom of DL page...
  3. New Beta: 2.31.0000

    Hi, thx for new beta. I'm happy with linux version, no crashes... I know you know about DOS version issue with cmd and have low priority but remembering :) Also a small note to new SFX packages. I think it would be better if it create NDN directory than just extacting files in current dir. But just my preference any clue to NDN functionality. EDIT: also for linux the SFX package is not good choice - I cannot unpack it on machine at work: user@debian:~/ndn$ ./_lnx.exe ./_lnx.exe: /lib/tls/i686/cmov/libc.so.6: version `GLIBC_2.4' not found (required by ./_lnx.exe) I have no root rights to fiddle with libc version so I cannot unpack it there on my user account. But previous version in normal archive can run OK.
  4. Ndn 2.30.8497 Linux Crash In Xterm

    Aha, but I don't remember when previous versions crashed in X, I think never. Only ALT keys didn't worked but it was usable. So I keep previous beta. I didn't changed Xterm settings for long year...
  5. When I walk with cursor over files in panel it suddenly crashed, screen left messed: m a x<SUB-DIR>x01.04.07x01:12 xx.xsessiona x 154x16.05.07x00:56 ax. idesktopa x<SUB-DIR>x01.04.07x01:09 xx.xsession-e>x 54746x17.12.07x23:38 ax. licq a x<SUB-DIR>x17.12.07x23:39 xxbc31 x 775x08.04.07x21:37 ax. lxdoom a x<SUB-DIR>x01.04.07x02:13 xxdosbox confx 6264x17.11.06x17:28 ax. macromediaax<SUB-DIR>x16.05.07x00:52 xxLDP pdfx 16707Kx07.06.05x12:07 `x. mc a x<SUB-DIR>x17.12.07x23:42 xxprikazy x 5019x20.09.07x04:57 Vxqqqqqqqqqqqqvqqqqqqqqq 17187067/18 qxxqqqqqqqqqqqqvqqqqqqqqq 17187067/18 qxx.. <UP--DIR> 17.12.07 23:39xxprikazy 5019 20.09.07 4:57xx.. xxprikazy xx 71554M free bytes on drive /R xx 71554M free bytes on drive /R xm[ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTU*?#] qqqqqqqqqqqqjm[ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTU*?#]qqqqqqqqqqqqj/root>Xlib: sequence lost ( 0x10000 > 0x19e9) in reply type 0x0! 1Help 2UsrMen 3View 4Edit 5Copy 6MovRen 7MkDir 8DeletX Error of failed request: 0 Major opcode of failed request: 233 () Minor opcode of failed request: 1 Serial number of failed request: 0 Current serial number in output stream: 6633 (debian linux, xorg. Previous beta works fine)
  6. New Beta: 2.30.8497

    Hm, unfortunatelly problem (which I had reported on prev. beta) with command line when running associated program to extension (NDN.EXT) under NT-based not corrected on NDN DOS version :\ Hope it will be fixed in some next beta, I think runing correct command interpret with right program and args wouldn't be serious problem.
  7. Under DOS 6.22 and Win98 SE it works fine. But I'll be happy if it will works in NT too. I know that is better use win32 ver. under NT but for portable boot usb/cd it's good to have one version which can run under all systems. BTW I see another issue with NDN under NT but it's some specific of my system (XP SP2) - when I start DOS NDN it take ~10 sec when pannels are displayed, 1st I see only NDN welcome message on black screen. But on another PC at work with XP too it started up fast. Any idea what can be wrong? Other DOS apps starts also fast, eg. DN OSP 6.4.0. I guess it maybe retriving some info about drives.
  8. I'm just trying new NDN beta, first problem I found that I cannot exec commands associated in ndn.ext. Eg. compile a .C file, delete .tmp file... Instead executing command I got prompt and only I can do is call simple commands like dir and type exit to switch back to NDN. But when I type a command into commandline in NDN window it is executed properly. I suspect some problems witch comspec variable or so. Before I start NDN I open console window cmd.exe and type set and see ComSpec=c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe but when I run NDN it changes to ComSpec=c:\windows\system32\command.com. I cannot override it back to cmd.exe by editing dos environment. I don't know if it does matter. Please try comebody else. When i'll back at home I'll test under DOS and Win98
  9. I tried new beta 2.30.7187 before few minutes and drive selection dialog is now OK, thanks.
  10. Yes, DISKINFO: LABELS works OK, I'll look forward to next beta :)
  11. Can I use this files fron Win32 version? I'll check it at evening...
  12. I don't understand, I just downloaded file from here, unpack it and run. There's no files from older version. Or do you mean I should replace this files from beta x.4000?
  13. Hi, I tried new betas yesterday and found strange strings/chars (I can see CR+LF and other binary rubbish) in drive select dialog. It happened in Win98 dosbox and also in MSDOS 7.1 (LFN, FAT16/32). Under MSDOS 6.22 FAT16 it's OK. I have also older version 2.30.4000 DOS which works OK. Check this screenshots: