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  1. Hi AH,


    What about start using uppercase/lowercase letter pairs for some columns?

    T = time, t = date

    I = process ID, i = parent PID

    C = last access time, c = acc. date

    W = last write time, w = wr. date



    I haven't wrote anything in Pascal for long time, however I was trying to fix

    some bugs in OSP few years back - before I moved to NDN, so I can try to

    implement this.


  2. Hi all Devs,


    Looks like after 2 years, this is still not implemented :rolleyes:

    Can't you just take code from DN OSP? NDN can already sort by last Access/Write, so it can't be that hard to add values to new column...

    ... or is it? Too bad NDN source code is not available, I would implement it by myself and send you the patch.


    Otherwise NDN is pretty cool, keep the good work!




  3. Hi!

    NDN Version: v2.15.1159/ENG


    I use "CD \\pc\c$" for network access. There are several bugs:

    1. You can't copy anything into root directory (in this example: \\pc\c$\)

    2. You can't create new directories on remote disk (anywhere).

    3. When you delete the file, panel is not reloaded.


    Some idea:

    In root directory (here \\pc\c$\) is shown ". ." (go to upper dir), but it does nothing.

    This can be used to return to original directory (where you used cd command).