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  1. Weak support for S45i

    Most of bugs were fixed in last fix but there are still some strange behaviours when you have unregistered version - badly interpreted limits, sometimes need of reload list etc. Good software for free of charge but not for money - even I know it coasts too much time of developers, it's not fully ready to release IMHO ... :unsure:
  2. Weak support for S45i

    Today I finaly send log file with screenshots to support. I hope it helps. Last fix very helped funtionality of MN, but there are still some problems - sometimes program works, sometimes not :rolleyes: ...and I have to restart it... :blink:
  3. Weak support for S45i

    I'll send application logs to support. But I'll do it tommorow, because I've installed MN on other disk partition and won't reboot now. By the way, you're optimist when you trust to near solvation of bugs with your phone - I saw your posts in other topic folders and it seems nothing changes... ;)
  4. Weak support for S45i

    Addition: it's stupid to test something what is restricted (mean shareware version) - and buy full version when it's unusable is blowing many to the wind...
  5. Weak support for S45i

    Hmmm thanx for consolation ;) Very good is soft "gammu", know so many things, but it's only command-line. You're right that there's no reasons to be angry, I'll wait for later versions, may be it'll work.
  6. Weak support for S45i

    Hmm strange...may be creators should first test and then release...especialy if they wanna to pay for program :| I heard about MN that it's super soft, and I'm upset that support for some mobiles is only in the docs and not in program. I was decided that I'll buy licence but for what? Program don't support even basic functions of my S45i... :angry: :angry: :angry:
  7. Weak support for S45i

    Hi, I've tried MN 2.01 with my Siemens S45i and I found that there is so many weak places in MN's support forS45i: - in Phone book with storage memory "Addresses" selected after "refresh" appears strange numbers in column "No." (6 digits). I haven't registered version and it downloads about 77 records from phone even it says that it's able to work only with 20 entries. After "refresh" numbers in column "No." disapears. :huh: - in Phone book with storage memory "SIM" is limit of 20 entries OK, but after "refresh" numbers in column "No." disapears too. - in Phone book when modifying entry it creates new entry of same name like old. So you have 2 same in phone :angry: - in Organizer - first refresh is OK, second tell's about limitation 20 entries and numbers in column "No." disapears again :( - in Call records there are no details about Call time and no details from Phone book about number. Only Name and Phone number. Strange that column "No." works properly ;) - SMS is the weakest place of MN. I wasn't able to send any SMS (tried both international and local phone number format). Error sending message was reported. I'm sure I had set correct SMS center and all other settings. - SMS List didn't show anything. "Refresh" didn't help. - Services like Call forwarding, Locks or Network looks OK. :huh: I found that support for S45i is weak and if I compare it with NM 1.03, previous version worked better. At the end I have question: how you can sell it for $30 ??? Noone buys non-working programs... P.S.: I tested it on WinXP and Win98...