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  1. Strange highlight

    In my configuration (Win'98 SE Russian, NDN v2.14.7374 DPMI) Alt-PgDn, Alt-PgUp on keypad don't work whenever NumLock is on or off
  2. Strange highlight

    Yes! Deleting from history solved this problem. But notice, please, that Alt-PgDn, Alt-PgUp etc. don't work on PgDn, PgUp, ... on KeyPad. Is it bug or feature? B)
  3. Strange highlight

    Very strange: I set highlighting options for the files with *.mac extension. All is wonderful! ... but file named as "q.mac" is not highlighted! If I rename this file - again all is wondeful! :o
  4. RegExp

    v2.14.7374 (10.08.04). Search with regular expressions doesn't work in reverse mode
  5. Error in viewer

    And it apeeared again... I don't know, what it is depend on...
  6. Error in viewer

    This error disappeared :unsure:
  7. Error in viewer

    v2.14.7374 (10.08.04) DPMI, Win98 SE. I view big text file (about 170 Mb) and try to find text string near the end of it. In some time I get an error: Exception 0D9h at address 84e60d8a in E:\NDN\SOURCE\views.pas Line 1289 Exactly the same error raises immediately by pressing CtrlEnd or CtrlPgDown.
  8. Damned NumLock!

    Yes!!! Thank you, Stefan! At last I can delete OS Dos Navigator, which had before this version the only advantage over NDN - this damned numlock <_< ! I'll test NDN in future. I have a strong interest to built in editor at first, it's functions and convenience. Thank you once more!
  9. Damned NumLock!

    Dear Stefan! I'll try to describe this situation more exactly. I work usually with the Numlock is off (and lamp is off). When I begin to edit the file, the lamp stays off, but behavior of NumPad is like Numlock is on (when I try to select the text with Shift+Arrows on KeyPad, digits are appear instead text selection). If you are not satisfy this description, i can tell more about my configuration: Windows 98 SE NDN 2.14.6873/RUS (31/07/2004) DPMI32 In DOS session I use HIMEM and EMM386 /NOEMM But, IMHO, it doesn't matter, because at other OS's and workstation (Windows 2000 Pro and Server) the problem is the same. Thank you!
  10. Good day! When I open file in editor and try to select the block using Shift+Arrows(KeyPad), it is impossible since automatically NumLock is turns on (whenever lamp is off)! It is necessary to provide an option for numlock is to be on/off in edit mode/ If possible, give a hint, please, to avoid this! It is very important for men, who started his work with PC long ago...
  11. Error in editor

    In editor window arrow keys on the keypad behave not correctly: Shift+Arrow, when Numlock is OFF, instead of to select text, type digits, and vice versa. It is very inconveniently. Is it complicated to make at least option for turn on/off behavior of keypad? I can't use DN because of that (the only) feature (or bug?). Thank you!