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  1. question?

    what happened with the old topics in this forum?
  2. SE T300 Plugin

    098% T300 support(test)! 005% Nokia support (experimental) What can I say? I will use cracked version of your program without any guilty consciousness... Happy holidays!
  3. SE T300 Plugin

    It will be released in November. We do not garantee that it will work fine with t310? but it should fit. The plugin will be released in November,but which year?
  4. SE T300 Plugin

    10x,but i can`t use it,my IrDA is connected to my MotherBoard and i can`t find software to manage my SE T300 via IrDA. This plugin will or will not support that kind of connection? My english is strange :) (the trial expires)
  5. SE T300 Plugin

    Do you know other software to control SE T300? 10u
  6. SE T300 Plugin

    Yes,I am interested in se t300 plugin,but still wating...if we can download it,we can test it and find problems (eventually)..