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  1. Sms-list with S45

    No. It's the same as before. :( It worked with the prev. hotfix.
  2. Sms-list with S45

    Can't wait.. ;) The bug came with the v2.012 Hot Fix. It where fixed in the prev. hot fix.
  3. sms list

    The bugs are back. :(
  4. A few bugs with SMS reading fixed

    Great! My sms-list workes now. :)
  5. To do?

    -Sms-list: Multi select messages. -Sms-list: Use the 'Delete'-key to remove messages. -Sms-list: Show the name of sender not just the number. -New-sms: Select the number from a list (sim card / phone book). :)
  6. Sms-list with S45

    It's the first time I'm using Mobile Navigator and I'm using v2.01.
  7. Sms-list with S45

    Look at this: Some of my sms and the Date/Time looks kinda strange. :blink: Why does this happend? I am useing the Muxe S45 OBEX plugin v2.01 Siemens S45 v21 -- Jahn