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  1. Does not start?

    It does the same for me, but it crashes instead of a clean shutdown. Win98SE
  2. SE T300 Plugin

    Look for gammu at freshmeat.net. It is only command-line, but for linux too.
  3. When? When? When?

    But does FMA support anything else than SonyEricssons? And does it support R320? I wasn't so sure from its homepage. If you are really sure, I will try it.
  4. MN site new design

    Awful... :( The colors (they could deserve a wider spectrum), bugs in HTML, the accessibility could be improved. I have images disabled and have to view source, to get to some links. The board is also could get some help, but you didn't code that. Anyway, polish the software first :)
  5. Thank you all!

    What??? :rolleyes:
  6. When? When? When?

    Huh? :)
  7. When? When? When?

    But some other entries went to 100%. Regarding FMA, i looked at it. It requires Window Script package from MS, which includes several weird scripting technologies. I haven't seen any program using this stuff, but it is commonly used by viruses, so I didn't bother to install it. I haven't seen uninstallation instructions - typical M$ practice. If anybody is sure it can be removed, I would try it. Without it, FMA crashes or gives an error dialog about the lack of it. You can also check 'gammu' at freshmeat.net . It is mainly for Nokias, but has some support for Siemenses and Ericssons. But it is only command line so far, be aware of it.
  8. When? When? When?

    Actually, you can see the percents on the homepage increasing... But we have to wait for the import formats, which are probably not necessary for some of us :(
  9. Siemens A50

    You don't need to implement anything for me :) My suggestion is: don't discriminate phones. Let the users decide. This board software allows creating polls. What about creating one about this? The question could be: "I will buy Mobile Navigator if you make plugin for:", and let the voters choose their phone. The results may be interesting or surprising. Maybe we find there are 10 potential customers with A50, but only one with S55 or T610. If the result is opposite, then you will have a proof for your decision of not supporting certain models. What do you think?
  10. Siemens A50

    Strange, the phones appeared in the page title again... Anyway, I don't know if it is correct to ignore whole phone series. Today's phones have much advanced features regardless of any series. I agree that supporting A35/36 is nonsense, if it is too difficult (if they can't be used with some other plugin, like C35). But is A50 worse (has less features=no wap, modem and calendar) than S25? Is it worse than R320? I have never tried it, so if you say yes, I will shut up :)
  11. Siemens A50

    Actually, you advertise support for at least A35/36 in the title of your homepage. Furthermore, there is a new headline 'Siemens A series & C2x supported now' under Mobile Navigator 2.01, allowing a plugin to be downloaded. Either you or the homepage is a bit out of date... So please, correct the appropriate statements.
  12. Mobile Navigator v.3.0

    I hope there is more than just the skin changes as shown in the screenshots :) And why this major version jump? There hasn't been a stable 2.x version yet...
  13. Ericsson R380 World

    See the thread 'When support R600'.
  14. nokia 5510 probs

    Maybe Nokias use a bit different protocols. MN seems to be more AT commands oriented. There are other programs which support Nokias only. Check more threads here, there were some messages about this topic from the techsupport guy.
  15. nokia 5510 probs

    Nokia phones are not supported by Mobile Navigator.